Howdy! I'm Sola,

I'm a product specialist with experience design & driving new features at Airbnb, ACE Labs, ESPN TV, Emerson Automation, Facebook & more! I'm currently the Lead Product Designer at Applied Cognitive Ergonomic (ACE) Labs.
Check out my Mobile, Web, Visual, Interaction, & AR/VR Design or scroll to see more featured works!

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Facebook Dating

Challenge: How can we help users match?
Role: Product Design Intern ( Summer 2019 )
Key Skills: Mobile Design, Modular Design, Product Management

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Tech Mentees

Challenge: How can we get mentors and mentees on a Tech mentorship app?
Role: Product Design Lead ( Fall 2018 - Fall 2019) 
Key Skills: UX Design System, Principal Design, Mobile Design

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Challenge: How can we help people identify if their have COVID 19? And how can we assist them if tested positive?
Role: Product Design Lead

Locked (Ongoing) 


Challenge: Can Enjoy's website be accessible target audience? 
Role: Web Designer

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Challenge: Designed the Kleburg app to be usable by low income diabetics. At this time, I can only showcase one case study over some of the app.
Role: Lead Product Designer

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Google interview

I got to the final round of the Google UX design interview process and got a design challenge to complete.



Challenge: How can we design an app to encript and monitor glucose levels over time?
Role: Lead Product Designer


TAMU Datathon

Challenge: As a Director of the Texas A&M Datathon (sponsored by MLH Hackathon ), how can we centralize our brand to earn sponsors and improve participation retention.
Role: Assistant Design Director

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Challenge: How do you prove a product's trust? 

This design was made during spring and supposed to be worked on over summer, but due to the events of Covid 19 it may not be released for a while.

Role: Experience Design Intern



Challenge: A dyslexia app that was designed to engage to diminish symptoms of Dyslexia in schools.
Role: UX Researcher

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Sephora Events

Challenge: How can we get more people invovled in the Sephora House of Beauty Tour? 
Role: Contract Experience Designer

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Text Net

Challenge: A Wi-Fi Free internet that can be used to empower those who can't afford data. Using it is complicated without some well informed AI design system! How can we simplify this complex process
: AI Design